Unfortunately dropbox made all public links private, so until I’m able to move everything to github, look for scripts in this folder:


Important information

All scripts presented on this page require CLEO library. CLEO 2.0 for GTA3 and VC, CLEO 4 for GTA SA and the latest version of CLEO for Android.
CLEO for GTA3 / VC / SA | CLEO Android
Besides that, for most PC scripts GInput is required:
GInput for GTA3 / VC / SA
That’s the requirement because I’m trying to make my scripts compatible with both keyboard/mouse and gamepads.
So, even if you don’t have a gamepad, you need to install GInput anyway to use these scripts.
To install scripts simple put .cs file in CLEO folder. If there are other files, copy the content of archive to GTA root directory.
Visit CLEO topic on gtaforums.com to report bugs or suggestions.

Script name Description / Screenshots Download link
(compatible exe version)
Enable Radio for All Vehicles This script enables radio in all vehicles, including police cars, ambulances, firetrucks etc…
Swimming and Climbing (from Parkour 4.1) Original mod | Animations

Additional controls(mobile): hold ‘attack’ button to drown. Touch the center of the screen to cancel climbing.
On PC you have to install ped.ifp from original mod or manual aiming archive.

Proportional coronas For some reason coronas in mobile VC are stretched, this script fixes it.
Increased helicopter height limit Fly higher.
Manual Aiming This mod adds ability to aim by pressing right mouse button.
You can also run/walk while shooting/aiming.
To activate first person aiming on sniper rifles/rocket launcher, use “zoom in” button while stopped.
With melee weapons hold “aim” button and attack someone to activate ‘classic controls’ camera.
You can also reload weapon, while aiming press “R” button to reload.
Press “Backspace” to remove current weapon.

Copy CLEO and anim folders in your GTA Vice City root directory. If you don’t want new animations for player, don’t copy ped.ifp. Ped.ifp fixes weapon bug during ‘run_back’ animation.
Open data\gta_vc.dat.
Before lines
# Object types
paste this:
CDIMAGE anim\movements.img

IV Hud This mod makes the Vice City interface more like GTA IV interface.
Vehicle Camera Movement This script allows to control camera with mouse or right stick while driving. Also you can perform drive-by simply pressing fire button and looking left or right.
Walk Hold ‘Alt’ to walk.
IV style pickups This mod replaces the standard rotating pickups to pickups on the ground.
Autosave Game saves in slot 7 after every mission.
Quicksave Press F5 or GUIDE button to save the game in first slot.
Buy Back Your Weapons Vice City Stories feature for VC, SA and GTA 3.
Manual Driveby Remake Requires latest CLEO4 build, 1.0us exe, GInputSA and control type – IV Controls(Setup 2). Hold RMB(LB) to aim, Q(X) to switch weapons. LMB(RB) to shoot.
Deji’s ClipboardControl scripts More info here. In GTA3/VC aditional script was added, allowing to spawn any vehicle by typing it’s name as a cheat code. Copy-paste from clipboard also works.
Hit Indicator This script shows a different crosshair if the bullet hits other ped.
Resident Evil Revelations damage particles This scripts displays blood overlay on screen when player receives damage.
VCS Radio Font Different type of font for radio station names.
Turn Indicators Turn indicators will be activated while turning left or right in player’s vehicle.
Phnom Penh Gamepad Helper Phnom Penh mission is kinda hard to pass with a gamepad, this script will make it a bit easier.
Grenader Hold “G” to throw grenade or molotov. Or hold “G” while aiming to make instant grenade throw. The more you holding “G” the longer throw distance will be.
Work in progress…

Cherrypopper Trip Skip This script will help to pass Cherrypopper mission in no time.
Wheel Turning Speed Adjuster With this script wheel turning speed will be a bit slower and more “realistic”.